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Essay: Where do I see myself in 5 years?

By | July 1, 2017

Where do I see myself in 5 years? This is a hard question because no one can know the exact answer to it. From the early childhood, I had a dream to open a flower shop and make people happy with the wonderful bouquets. I thought that it will be very easy to be an owner of something like this. Yet, when I grew up, I understood that such a simple idea to become successful, needs a lot of things, like good education, successful business plan, and many other things. Studying at school, I tried to consider all of the opportunities in order to decide what will be the best for me. It is quite surprising, but I have noticed many different opportunities to disclose my talents and become successful in the flower business. I know that a lot of things can change through five years, but I know what future I want for myself. I think that as most of the people in this world I want to have a successful education, good job, and happy family.

Right now I’m a second-year student at a college, and the first task I need to accomplish is to graduate it successfully. Economics department will help me to become a successful business woman. I hope that after graduating, I won’t only have good knowledge about business and marking, but also I will be acquainted with a great number of people who understand me and can help to make my future business successful. Apart from studying at economics department, I plan to attend floristic courses, in order to become a real specialist in this sphere. I don’t know yet, but I think that I also may need to attend design or painting courses. It isn’t something necessary for a florist, but I think that will be very useful for me. I will help to develop my artistic skills and my vision of beauty.

As for me, to open a good flower shop will be a problem right after graduation. I completely understand that without relevant experience, it is a very complicated task for any person. For this reason, I have a desire to become a worker of some flower shop or flower corporation. The second variant is even better. A couple of years of such experience will be very useful for me because

I will have a chance to get to know the peculiarities of this business. Competition in this business is quite tough, and it is essential to know as much information as possible. Apart from this, a good job will help to gather some sum of money on developing my future shop.

However, education and business isn’t everything that I want to have in five years. The question of the family is also quite important for me. I clearly understand that it can’t be planned beforehand, but I hope that I will have a boyfriend, or fiancé, or even husband, who will be on my side. It is much easier to overcome different obstacles when there is a person, who you can trust and who can support you in any complicated situation. Yet, I think that a five-year period isn’t enough to have a baby. I think that I will need more time to deal with this question.

I hope that the next five years will be very productive for me in personal, education, and business spheres. However, I clearly understand that my plans can change because of some unpredictable things. The most important thing is that I’m ready to overcome obstacles, challenge myself, and meet new people without fear, and I will do everything possible to become successful and happy.

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