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How to write a good research paper?

Writing a research paper is a challenging task indeed. You need to look through numerous books, articles, and even artworks, consider other people’s thoughts, break larger complex concepts into smaller parts, analyze them all, and finally present your own thinking in a convincing way. Moreover, if you want to create a perfect research paper, you should go further and try to find the best possible information in your field of study. The only way to do it is to focus on this task. So if you want to write such a serious paper yourself, plan out your time beforehand. Besides, you need a well-structured research paper template as it can show you the right direction in your own writing.

To further facilitate your task, we have prepared a detailed guide on how to write a research paper and get a high grade for it. Just follow these steps, and you will understand how to properly build the thesis, conduct research, write the paper, and document the sources using the required research paper format.

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1. Pick a topic.

If you are free to choose a topic, you are a lucky one, as now you have all the chances to get a higher grade for your work. The fact is that in most cases, the properly chosen topic is crucial for a perfect research paper. So how to pick it? Whether you are looking for Political Science, Religion, or History research paper topics, consider the following tips to succeed:

2. Find all possible information.

Once you decide on the topic, it’s time to embark on a full-scale research and analyze the chosen subject from all possible angles. Here are some tips on where to find reliable sources:

As you can see, for today, there are numerous materials on a variety of topics available both, online and offline. Therefore, whether you need English Literature, Marketing Strategy, or Psychology research paper ideas, you are guaranteed to find them if you make an effort. Don’t forget to write down full bibliographical information to later cite the used sources.

3. Build your thesis.

The main thing to remember about the research paper thesis is that it has to be original and represent your personal thinking while being based on the sources used to inform it. Furthermore, it should be focused, so don’t try to make it broader even if you want to include more research. It’s probably the most common mistake made by today’s students. Your thesis is a kind of declaration intended to show what to expect from your work, so try to make it clear and specific. Take advantage of the following hints on how to create a good thesis statement:

Please note that it is always better to include your thesis in the first paragraph. It will give your reader understanding of what you are going to argue or, on the contrary, prove in your research paper.

4. Create an outline.

If you have no idea how to start a research paper, create an outline. It can make your work more serious and logical, help you organize your thoughts and stay motivated, not to mention that it can greatly facilitate the whole task. Moreover, some subjects, especially those that use MLA research paper format, require students to include an outline in the beginning of their work.

So the question is how to create a correct research paper outline? Here are some things you need to do:

5. Write a draft.

Once your outline is complete, you can start writing your first draft. Like many other academic papers, a typical research paper includes three main parts: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Even though it may sound strange, it is always better to start with the Body instead of writing an Introduction or a title page for your research paper. After all, the Body is the largest part of your work that includes all the points and evidence supporting your thesis. Keep in mind that you should limit each body paragraph to only one main point.

When the Body is written, go back to the Introduction part. Revise your thesis to understand whether it is still what you want it to be. If not, do not hesitate to change it. Your thesis is the main idea of your paper, so ensure it is still relevant before to include it in the introduction paragraph. Moreover, you will also need an eye-catching hook and some background information if necessary.

Finally, you have to write a concluding paragraph. If you do not know how to write a conclusion for a research paper, consider the following:

6. Revise your outline and draft.

When everything is already on paper, get some rest. Wait a day or two and look at your work with fresh eyes. Now you need to check and polish it to perfection. Start with your thesis and arguments. Are they presented in a logical way? Is your thesis is supported enough? Then go to the sentence structure and research paper citation style. Don’t forget that a Chicago style research paper and an APA research paper are not the same, so ensure your work is properly formatted. Last but not least, you need to check your work for all spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes and typos. Besides, it is always a good idea to ask someone else to additionally proofread your paper. This can be your parent, friend, or tutor.

7. Type the final paper.

Once your final paper is complete, you need to print it on a high-quality printer. Remember, if you want to get a high grade for your work, it should not only be well-written and well-formatted but also be presented in the most appealing way, so ensure everything is just perfect before submitting it to your professor. Besides, try not to print it at the last moment. Do all this, at least, a day or two before the deadline. It will give you time to make some changes if something is wrong.

Just follow this step-by-step guide, and will have all the chances to write a good research paper on any topic and subject. However, if you still lack research paper ideas or don’t have enough time to do this assignment yourself, you can always come to! We are here to help!

Eight Stages of Writing a Great Research Paper

Read the article to see the eight stages to craft a research paper, how to begin crafting, how to look for the information and how to finish your task on time.

How to Write a Research Paper

The steps for crafting this type of the paper comprise choosing the topic, doing the research and crafting the text. What are the typical problems that students face when taking any of the steps? What can you do if you face any troubles with looking for the right primary sources or when you need assistance with evaluating your thesis? We will answer these questions and we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to craft a high-quality script.


Depending on the course you are taking, you will have different approaches to picking up the best topic. Consider the following variants of how you can select the right one:

Of course, these are the perfect options for any student. But if you have no ideas what to write about, try looking for the sources first. Or ask your mates about what topic they have chosen. If you have to write about history, think of the facts, periods of time or some great personalities. If you have to write about psychology, focus on the states, facts or personalities as well.

STEP 1.1. Best 10 topics for research paper in 2017

Every new year brings some new investigations and researches. So thinking about the topic that was in demand 10 years ago is not a very good idea if it has been investigated by many scientists. What is required by the society? What value can your research bring to the people around you? This should be your starting point when choosing the title for the paper. We’ll give you ten various topics that are in demand in 2017:

STEP 2. FIND INFORMATION for research paper

When you have your topic ready, it’s time to find the data for the research. How does this process look like? You can start googling the topic and see if any other student or scientist has ever done this kind of research. If you find any papers related to your topic, there’s no need to read the text. Take a look at the reference list and copy the list of sources. You will start with reading or viewing their contents. Don’t limit the number of resources to work with. You will leave only the most important and valuable ones.


What is a thesis statement and why do you need it in the paper? Imagine that you could fill all your ideas and the results of your research into one sentence besides the conclusions. This will be a thesis. This is the last part of the introduction. It can be one or a few sentences. The size depends on the size of the paper. This phrase should contain your point of view regarding the topic and a short summary of the arguments that you will provide in the main part. These sentences will let the readers decide to go on reading your script or not.


The next stage of the paper preparation is outlining. You can make it on one piece of paper or you can do it in any word processing software. The goal of the outline is to divide the paper into major sections and define what you plan to include in them. Write down short notes next to the every section title and write down the resources that you will use for the quotes. You can also define the number of paragraphs for every section to make your script visually attractive. And you can evaluate the importance of every section in this paper.

STEP 5. ORGANIZE YOUR research papers NOTES

Once you finish doing the research and making notes for the outline, it’s time to organize your ideas and put them into a logical order. You can use a big dashboard if you have. You will just put all your papers on it and you will remove all unwanted elements or the ones that cannot be placed into the script. If you have super great ideas, consider first how they relate to the thesis and how they form a logical succession of the arguments in the text. If you are sure that your thoughts make up a full story, it’s time to move to the next stage.


When you start crafting your first version of the text, don’t mind making or not making any errors. Just feel free to express all your thoughts and ideas. You will do some editing at the end. Once you start crafting, you are likely to finish it with much more text than required. It’s always better to write more and remove only what’s unnecessary than to do one more research to find enough information. You can print the draft for editing or you can write it directly on the paper. Choose the variant that will let you easily save all your thoughts and ideas.


Once you have your draft ready, it’s high time for revising it and the outline. You need to put the pieces of the draft in accordance with the plan in the outline. When compiling a draft, you are likely to dismiss using the quotes. You can do it now and find the right quote for the right paragraph. Revising comprises reading the text and evaluating it. Consider what your readers will think after viewing the paper. What value will you provide for them? If your text doesn’t contain any new information, you will provide a negative impression on your readers.


When you have all your thoughts well-organized, it’s time to turn them into a clean and neat paper. It’s better to prepare every section of the script separately and put them together at the end. Once you have typed the whole paper, it’s time for editing and proofreading. We advise to rest for a few days of ever for a week before you start looking for the mistakes. Otherwise, your mind will not notice all the errors. You can use up-to-date software to check and eliminate any kind of misspelling or grammar mistakes. But you should double check the right spelling of words yourself as well.


When you have your paper ready, you can put it away for a while and come back to it again in some time. Of course, you should have enough free time before the deadline. Here you should only check for some mistakes or misconceptions and the presence of the logical order in the text. If you don’t like your topic or your thesis anymore, you should carefully analyze all your work and ask your professor to assist you. In most of the cases, it’s a temporary reaction of your mind that will soon leave you.

Making one paper can take from one week to several months depending on the complexity of the topic and the availability of the resources. Of course, procrastination will make the whole period very short, but it will make the quality of your work very bad. If you face some thoughts that you can cope with the task later and you have a lot of time in the future, you are wrong. You can even write down this phrase on your table or on your hands. Once you postpone working on your script until tomorrow, you will do it every day until you feel panic. So start your preparation on time, follow the steps above and get a high-quality paper written.

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